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Streamline and centralize value analysis

Deploy best practices from leading healthcare systems, improve efficiency, and strengthen oversight. The easiest workflow tool in the industry is also the most powerful.

Process that delivers savings.

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Execute an outcomes-based sourcing strategy

Share in-depth product research with clinicians and capture their input electronically. Find out how clinician preference at your system compares across our membership.

Engage clinicians with data.

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Demystify the medical device landscape

Access our network-driven product intelligence database and leverage our researchers to identify functionally equivalent products and understand market dynamics.

Improve your leverage.

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Proactively identify savings opportunities

Apply our data science capabilities, network insight, and product intelligence to discover optimization opportunities and initiate product evaluation workflow.

Actionable analytics and insight.

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Our membership includes forward-thinking healthcare providers of every size and GPO affiliation.

Our software runs in the cloud and can be configured in 15 minutes, without hospital IT resources.

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