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Exclusive Webinar with Egon Doppenberg, MD

Spine Technology Webinar

Spine technology is experiencing rapid growth to facilitate minimally invasive surgery. Clinical evidence must be carefully evaluated before implementing new technologies and physician collaboration is key to delivering excellent patient care and extracting unwarranted costs. 

In this webinar you will learn:

• A category overview of spine and osteobiologic products

• Vendor landscape and care variation strategies focused on categorization of vendor offerings and demonstrated product superiority 

• Physician engagement strategies based on hospital archetype

• Critical considerations for interbody fusion devices: based on the introduction of expandable implants and developments in implant materials and coatings


Biosimilars: Disruption or Disappointment?

pharma biosimilars

Branded as "Inflectra", this form of infliximab is developed by Celltrion and will be co-marketed by Pfizer. Despite steadily rising interest in biosimilars over the past 5 years, Inflectra is only the second true biosimilar drug to be approved by the FDA. Ever since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a version of Remicade, biosimilars have been a hot spot on many hospitals' radars. Remicade is one of the first breakthrough biologic therapies used to treat autoimmune diseases like Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis.


Is Over-diagnosis, Over-treatment, Or Over-prescribing Ailing You?

Jan. 3, 2017
over diagnosis over treatment

With healthcare costs 18% of GDP and escaling to heights over $130 billion, our society of convenience and demand to 'fix me now' may be causing more 'harm than health'. We all want to cure what ails us, but most of us are ignorant to the fact that these quick cures may be causing more harm than good. A few years ago there was a fair amount of publicity around over-prescribing especially with the elderly population. It's common to find an elderly person who takes at least a half dozen drugs without a proven review of the necessity of those drugs.


Preference Cards: A Problem and A Solution in Cost Per Case Variation

Dec. 8, 2016
preference cards 2

A recent article in Arthoplasty Today presents a striking example of the price of variation in surgical procedures. The article compares cost variation in 29 high-volume hospitals performing primary total knee arthroplasties across the United States.  It comes as no surprise that hospitals saw significant variation in both personnel and supply costs from pre-op to post-acute care, despite no difference in clinical outcomes such as risk-adjusted complication and readmission rates. 


An Inside Look at Cardiovascular Technology White Paper

Cardiovascular Technology white paper

Achieving quality improvement while reducing costs is top of mind for every health system. This is particularly relevant for cardiovascular medicine where the introduction of minimally invasive technologies and resorbable implants are experiencing rapid innovation. 

Download this white paper to: 

• Learn about three types of new and innovative devices in cardiovascular technology

• Understand the key outcomes associated with each device

• Gain detailed evidence insights and recommendations for each device


The Quick Start Guide to Leveraging Evidence

The Quick Start Guide for Leveraging Evidence

Value-based care requires healthcare providers to take a more evidenced-based, patients-first approach to managing clinical spend. To be successful, this new approach must incorporate a rigorous, unbiased assessment of clinical factors that impact quality and outcomes.

Download this guide to:

• Access proven tips and tricks shared from top health systems 

• Learn how to foster credibility with physicians and end users

• Understand how clinical evidence helps improve negotiating leverage 


A Behind the Scenes Look at Engaging Physicians White Paper

Behind the Scenes Look at Engaging Physicians

As we continue the shift towards value-based care, effectively engaging physicians has become top of mind for supply chain teams. In this new white paper, supply chain experts from four leading health systems share their experiences and strategies for success. 

Download this white paper to: 

• Learn how you can build stronger relationships with physicians

• Understand how supply chain teams use data to drive success

• Gain insights on how to leverage physician champions and the C-Suite


Making Better Decisions, Faster: How Yale New Haven Health Improved Efficiencies in the Clinical Product Evaluation Process

Yale New Haven Case Study

The approval and adoption of new technologies is coming under greater scrutiny as healthcare organizations face increasing pressures to deliver top quality patient care while staying financially viable. Taking an evidenced-based approach to evaluating new technology is critical to determining if a requested product will improve patient outcomes or is just another shiny widget.

This new white paper about Yale New Haven Health explains how the health system leveraged technology to improve their clinical product evaluation process, resulting in a time savings of over 50%.

Download this white paper to:

• Learn how Yale is leveraging technology to improve their access to information and process

• Understand the urgent need for hospitals to take an evidenced-based approach to decision-making

• Gain insight into which data points are essential to an effective clinical product evaluation process


The New Rules of Clinical Supply Chain Management

The New Rules of Clinical Supply Chain Management

This new E-book is designed for healthcare leaders looking to kick their clinical spend management strategy into high gear for 2016. It highlights how to adapt to the world of value-based care and start taking meaningful action at your organization. 

Based on insights from our work with over 150 hospitals, the book provides guidance on the new rules that supply chain executives must follow to drive change.

Download this E-book to:

• Learn the top areas to invest resources in 2016 to deliver results

• Discover where the biggest opportunities are to drive savings and improve outcomes

• Access a sample of best practice materials leveraged by leading health systems


The Quick Start Guide to Leveraging System Scale


The shift to value-based care requires health systems to be more efficient than ever. That means creating a strategic clinical spend management that fully leverages system scale. Yet many healthcare organizations struggle in this realm, especially when they have traditionally functioned in silos.

Download this guide to:

• Learn three initiatives that are crucial to leveraging your scale

• Identify the four steps required to help ensure success

• Discover the key questions to ask to optimize your effort