Technology & Data Driven Solutions

Evidenced-Based Applications to Support the Transition to Value-Based Care


Value-based care requires a deep understanding of comparative clinical outcomes data. Our research team has developed the most comprehensive knowledge base of medical devices and associated surgical procedures. We analyze hundreds of thousands of datapoints, peer reviewed literature, and hospital evaluations to enable comparison of any medical product, development of clinical practice guidelines, and utilization parameters. The information is at your fingertips in a web-based application: IntelligencePRO™.

We not only provide information to make outcomes-based decisions, but PipelinePRO™ detects areas where purchasing patterns are not aligned with clinical evidence. Our workflow solution, EvaluationPRO™, facilitates clinician collaboration and decision tracking so that hospitals can establish device formularies and protocols.



Clinically-vetted opportunities, specific to your hospital.

PipelinePRO marries deep clinical insights and market intelligence with data directly from your health system to uncover savings opportunities. All opportunities are customized for your health system, based on your purchase history and case mix. And since the technology leverages proprietary research from our subject matter experts and data scientists, you can have full confidence that all are primed and ready for immediate implementation. Each opportunity is delivered with a proven playbook of sourcing strategies, vendor negotiation tactics, and key insights to support clinical decision making and realize savings. PipelinePRO also adds technology to ensure that the savings you create don't disappear by detecting sources of cost inflation before they materialize. We monitor and notify you of price increases, unjustified product “upgrades,” and undesired share shifts.

The gold-standard for device and surgical procedure decision support.

IntelligencePRO is the most comprehensive medical product research service and platform. We analyze hundreds of thousands of datapoints to bring an unparalleled level of transparency to clinical teams and supply chain leadership. Physicians and administrators regularly rely on IntelligencePRO and our team of subject matter experts to assess clinical comparability, establish utilization and clinical practice guidelines, and strengthen negotiating leverage. Within IntelligencePRO, medical devices and supplies are organized clinically, which means you can compare any FDA-approved device head-to-head with substitutes. Completely unbiased and comprehensive, IntelligencePRO establishes the gold standard for outcomes-based medical device decision support.

The most robust value analysis management and reporting platform.

EvaluationPRO enables a best-practice value analysis and clinical spend management process. EvaluationPRO can be customized to support health systems and purchasing alliances of any size. And full integration with IntelligencePRO means your analysis will always incorporate full clinical evidence to support decision making. Health systems have utilized EvaluationPRO to achieve a wide range of goals: 

  • Improve efficiency: automate and streamline requests, product comparison, financial analysis, committee voting and more 
  • Strengthen decision making rigor: ensure your team is conducting the right analyses to make appropriate decisions 
  • Leverage scale: standardize and centralize decision making across the entire health system 
  • Improve performance: pre-built and custom reporting to track key performance indicators